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The National Contracts Commission (NCC) is an independent anti-corruption Commission which supplements the role and functions of the independent Parliamentary Commission of the Contractor General. Its primary objectives are the "promotion of efficiency in the process of the award and implementation of Government contracts and ensuring transparency and equity in the awarding of such contracts".

The NCC attains its stated objectives, inter alia, by reviewing and endorsing recommendations for the award of Government contracts above J$30 million in value, registering and classifying contractors who are desirous of tendering on Government contracts, and making recommendations to Cabinet for improving the efficiency of the procedures for the granting and implementation of Government contracts.

The NCC is comprised of a panel of eight (8) members, all of whom are appointed by the Governor General. Each panel of the Commission serves for a term of seven (7) years. The NCC relies upon the Office of the Contractor General for the provision of its secretarial, administrative and technical resource requirements.

The list of contracts endorsed by the NCC is released each month...More>> You may view the list of contractors who are currently registered with the NCC...More>>
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